XXI. Summer School of Biometrics

June 26–30, 2017, Karlov pod Pradědem, Czech Republic


List of Abstracts

Blašková Veronika Estimation the Number of Temporary Workers in the Company Moravskoslezské Cukrovary

Bobošová Terézia  Factors Affecting the Level of Economic Performance of the Country

Čampulová Martina Kernel Regression Based Algorithms for the Identification of Outliers in Environmental Data

Flak Pavel The Problems of Multivariate Analyses (PCA and FA) of Categorical - Ordinal Variables

Hampel David Damage Resistant Alpha Design

Hofmannová  Michala  Multi-Trait Evaluation of Binomial Traits in Dairy Cattle

Krupová Zuzana Bio-Economical Modelling of Pig Production Systems

Kukučková Veronika Complex Methodology for Distinction of Closely Related Breeds

Mejza Iwona On the Efficiency of Certain Three-Factor Designs Useful for Agricultural Experiments

Mejza Stanisław Individual Control Treatment in Designed Factorial Experiments

Michálek Jaroslav Estimation of Risk Probabilities and Statistical Inference for Skewed Left-Censored Data

Moravčíková Nina The Methodology for Detection of Genome-Wide Selection Signatures

Oliveira Amilcar Control Charts for Attributes: A New Perspective Based on Lifetime Distributions
with Applications on e-Learning Classes Monitoring

Oliveira Teresa Research on the R Features for Experimental Designs in Biometrical Studies

Palát Milan The Impact of Regional Climate Change on the Floodplain Forest Ecosystem (Animals)

Pilarczyk Wiesław Practical Aspects in Planning and Analyzing of Block Experiments

Přibyl Josef Partial Domestic Milk Test-Day-Records and Global De-Regressed Breeding Values
 in Common Random Regression Evaluation

Roubalová Lenka Granger Causality among Labour Productivity, Labour Costs and Unemployment Rate
in the EU Countries

Roubalová Lenka On the Sato Production Function Properties

Staňková Michaela Factors for the Detection of Bankruptcy of Engineering Companies in the EU

Střelec Luboš The Role of the Location Functional in Robustification of the Jarque-Bera Normality Test

Šácha Jakub Quasi-Norms for Discrete Probability Distribution Estimation

Tláskal Martin A Double Sigmoid Model Describing Biogenic Amine Accumulation

Vaněk Tomáš Markov Models in Credit Risk Analysis

Vostrý Luboš Selection of Suitable Model for Estimation of Genetic Parameters of Insect Bite Hypersensitivity

Walkowiak Ryszard Prediction of Wind Erosion Susceptibility of Light Soils

Witkovský Viktor Tools and Applications for Numerical Inversion of the Characteristic Functions

Zawieja Bogna Application of Logistic Models to Compare the Degree of Infection of Pea Variation
by Powdery Mildew

Žežula Ivan Testing in Multivariate Linear Models with Special Variance Structures